I am very proud of my sister. She is a member of the UNITED STATES ARMY.

I am very pleased and proud to tell you that my sister has been promoted to Sergeant First Class.

This picture was taken at the Christmas Ball. My sister is in the middle. The others are her CPT. and others in her unit. This was taken before she was promoted.

This is my sister in 2001. The Army did not issue her a smile for this picture.

This is my sister's new "ride". She says it gets lousy gas milage but she never has to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

Juanita is my “little” sister and the only sibling I have. There are many things going on in the world today. If she were to be sent to any of these areas I would worry about her safety. Although I would worry, I would never ask her to try to give up serving her country. I will ALWAYS be proud of having a sister in the military. I will ALWAYS support her and the other troops in whatever they are sent to do in the world. There are people who say unkind things about our military. They should remember that when they refer to the military they are not talking about one being. They are talking about a group of “people”. They are human too. They have the same feelings you do. They don't want to go to these places or do these things any more than you do. But doing what you want to do and doing what you have to do are two different things. Everyone needs to remember that if it were not for our military we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. Even the simple freedom of what you choose to watch on television was protected for you by our military. Even though you may not agree with the decisions made on what the military is involved in, before you put down our military just watch a news report or read a newspaper story about what is going on in other countries. Imagine yourself living in that country. If you still do not want to support both the men and women, in our military then I have only two things to say to you. There are planes and ships leaving everyday for other countries in the world. Pick one and be on it!

Since this is my page and she is my "little" sister, it would not be complete without an embarrassing picture of when she was a kid. This is her with daddy.

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